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The Importance of Cosmetic Dentistry

Have you ever seen a person you thought was nice looking except for their smile? Do you ever feel that you are that person? Through the use of cosmetic dentistry, our doctors can get your smile back on track. Most of all, missing teeth can leave you feeling embarrassed, stifling your laughter because you are uncomfortable with the hole everyone will see. Dull, yellowing teeth can make you appear years older than your actual age.

Metal fillings in some of your teeth may make you feel self-conscious. As a result, these and a host of other issues are subjects for cosmetic dentistry. Dental bridges or implants can easily close most holes left by missing teeth.

Professional whitening of your teeth can make your teeth shades brighter whittling years off your appearance. Further more, composite fillings can give you a smile that looks brighter without all the dark, shiny metal.

Daniels Parkway Dental Service is the place to go to for your cosmetic dental work. Consequently, our smile will be transformed in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff. So contact our office today to make your appointment for a consultation with Dr. King to find out what can be done to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Teeth Whitening

You may think that using whitening toothpaste or rinse is enough to get your teeth white. While over the counter methods have their place, getting your teeth professionally whitened will make a big difference in a short amount of time. At Daniels Parkway Dental, we use professional whitening agents that do the job without damaging your teeth.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is used to close the gap caused by one or more teeth missing between two teeth. This dental prosthetic is made out of metal with a porcelain veneer or in some cases the prosthetic may be all porcelain. Finally the prosthetic is permanently attached to the abutment teeth which have been prepared in advance to receive the bridge.

Composite Fillings

With composite fillings no one can really tell that you have fillings so many people ask about removing amalgam or silver fillings in back teeth and putting composite instead. We believe that amalgam filings are still good restorations and do not replace amalgam filings that are in good shape unless a patient specifically requests that the fillings be removed for cosmetic reasons.

Dental Implants & Partials

When you lose a tooth, changes take place in that area that affect the neighboring and opposing teeth. Consequently, teeth begin to shift creating misalignment on both the upper and lower rows of teeth. Left untreated, this shifting can lead to food traps being formed, resulting in cavities and periodontal disease. Those issues, when ignored, result in further loss of teeth. For the right candidate a dental implant restoration is a wonderful option.

Not only do they restore the missing space, they also prevent bone and soft tissue loss. Partials are a removable prosthetic device that restores the missing spaces. They are custom designed to fit either the upper or lower arch. Patients are encouraged to remove the appliance nightly (while they sleep) to allow the tissues time for adequate cleansing by the saliva. Furthermore, partials can be fabricated with either a metal framework or with a more cosmetically appealing flexible nylon base.

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