Mark A. Horowitz Testimonial

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Dear Drs. Shelly and Bryant King,

In a recent In the modern high paced complicated world that we live in, most individuals are consumers of professional services from any one of many different types of providers. Whether they be architects, podiatrists, neurosurgeons, dentists, CPA’s, attorneys. Over the past several years I have observed a growing trend among many consumers of professional services.  And sometimes be too quick to criticize and too reticent, or maybe apathetic, to show any type of appreciation for the commitment, dedication, talent and integrity that the great majority of professional service providers live up to. My observation about this issue comes about not only as a consumer but also as a professional in my own right who has been on the receiving end of criticism as well as having received appreciation from various clients over the years.

Upon the referral and strong recommendation from one of your dental hygienists, I became a patient of your practice a little more than six months ago. I had been putting off some major dental work for years and the time had come for me to won up to the problem and get back the smile, and confidence that I used to have with my smile, after years of neglect.

After Marsha, one of your wonderful hygienists who also referred me to your practice thoroughly cleaned my teeth, I met with Dr. Shelly King and reviewed my x-rays and deliberately and thoughtfully evaluated my situation and laid out a very viable, understandable and affordable “plan of action” over a nine-month period of time to get my dentition back to where it was back in “the day” which was quite a few years ago for me. I quickly noticed that her approach was also very gentle and she displayed a degree of optimism and quiet confidence that soon gave me a good feeling that I was going to be in good hands not only with her but with the staff members of the practice.

We are approximately 60% to 70% through the plan and I have nothing but high praise for not only Dr. Shelly King but also Dr. Bryant King and the whole staff of the practice. By way of simple example, the day fefore Thanksgiving, I developed an unanticipated and unforeseeable terrible abscess that generated more pain than I think I have ever experienced in my life. It was right up there with the worst of a bad migraine headache. Notwithstanding the fact that Daniels Parkway Dental was short-staffed because of the impending holiday, everybody in the office worked to make sure that I got emergency care and Dr. Bryant King deftly, and with compassion and understanding, alleviated my misery and discomfort before the holiday!

When Marsha referred me to the practice, she emphatically told me they were excellent dentists and put Drs. Shelly and Bryant King up to a very high standard because she knew that is what I expected and they have not only met that standard but have far exceeded in every respect with regard to my dental care.

If you are looking for a family oriented dental practice and staff who is caring, compassionate and easy to work with, and by all appearances enjoy working for such a family oriented dental practice, I highly recommend Drs. Shelly and Bryant King.

That having been said, I would like to wish everyone at Daniels Parkway Dental a very healthy and peaceful 2017!


Mark A. Horowitz, Esquire

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