Dr. Shelly King

 Dr. Shelly King - Senior Dentist

Dr. Shelly King - Senior Dentist

Dr. Shelly was raised here in Fort Myers and graduated from Cypress Lake High School in 1993. Dr. Shelly and Dr. Bryant then met at Edison community College in 1994. They married in 1997 after completing their undergraduate studies at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Shelly graduated from the University of Florida College of Dentistry in 2001.

After moving back home to Ft. Myers the doctors decided to become foster parents. That amazing adventure has lead them to adopt three children, become legal guardians of another and have housed (short term) other children over the years. The Kings currently have five children after the birth of their biological daughter in 2008. With five children, there is never a dull moment, or quiet one either, in their home.

Dr. Shelly loves the water. To spend more time as a family, she convinced Dr. Bryant to buy an older boat, a couple of years ago. She has found boat ownership to be quite a learning experience. After taking an online Florida safety boating class and with lots of practice, Dr. Shelly has become a competent captain, yet still relies mostly on Dr. Bryant for the trailering.

As if five kids were not enough in their home, Dr. Shelly also convinced Dr. Bryant to rescue an older Great Dane, retired breeder dog, and one of her last puppies. Minnie, the puppy, is now around 150 lbs and brings a great deal of laughter (and mess) into the Kings lives. Dr. Shelly absolutely adores her dogs and even enjoys taking them out on the water with the rest of the family.